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General Assemblies on Strike Mandate
WHY go on strike?
April 15, 2021

Here you wil find a French version of the flyer. You can also download both PDF versions using the buttons below

Because the government is failing us

After two and a half years in power, the Legault government still refuses to recognize the magnitude of the ongoing crisis in public services—a crisis that existed well before the pandemic.

It only focuses its attention on its priorities and is letting the vast majority of public service workers fall by the wayside.

It chooses to manage crises when they break in the media instead of working with us to resolve basic problems.

It acts in a cowardly manner by invoking the state of public finances to justify its lack of political will, when one thing is clear—Quebec no longer has the means to go without adequately investing in public services.

Because the government is pushing us to the limit

After 48 bargaining sessions, it is still not listening.

Its most recent counter-proposal submitted on March 31 was still clearly insufficient; the government is determined not to invest what is needed to meet the needs of the networks.

Its current inaction is starting to look more and more like neglect. We know this governmental neglect all too well; it has been the lot of the public sector for far too long.

Because the government is leaving us no other choice

Enough is enough. Putting things off is no longer an option. 

Going on strike is not a goal in and of itself: it is the ultimate tool at our disposal to shift the balance of power in our favour.

This government sees itself as all-powerful. To rattle the government, we need to demonstrate how determined we are to obtain decent working conditions and better wages that meet the needs of the networks.

Each strike mandate that is adopted is an outpouring of mobilization—a demonstration of our collective strength. A strike in the public sector of the CSN will allow for great disruption to all of the networks—education, higher education, health and social services, and government agencies.

The government fears this strength, and it is what will put an end to its disregard for all public sector workers.

Because we deserve better and so does Quebec

We deserve better than thank-yous said during press conferences.
Quebec’s population deserves proper public services.

If the government does not act now to rebuild the networks, we will take a stand for Quebecers so that real change takes place for the benefit of all. We will use the ultimate pressure tactic at our disposal, one which is a constitutional right: we will go on strike for Quebec.