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Bargaining Update
Taking the Steps—All of the Steps—Needed to Win
March 17, 2021

Here is a link to the French version of the Info-Nego. You can also download both PDF versions with the following buttons.

While the round of bargaining continues to be at a standstill, both at the sectoral tables for health and social services, education, and government agencies and at the central table, our anger has done nothing but grow. Such anger is fully justified by the government’s disregard for public service workers. Such anger was expressed clearly in the general assemblies that took place over the past six weeks. Such anger translated today into a strong mandate to intensify pressure tactics in workplaces and to plan a strike, which was adopted by the vast majority of the 200 CSN public-sector unions.

What does adopting this mandate mean in concrete terms? It means that over the coming weeks, we will roll out more disruptive actions in workplaces, and while we carry out such actions, we will be actively preparing to go on strike if it ends up being necessary. This preparation will take place with you all over the coming weeks. We need to increase pressure to show how fed up we are!

Why are we here today, planning a strike in the public sector? Certainly, and you would know this better than anyone, it is not with great pleasure. We are here because we are up against an intransigent government that refused our request to suspend the round of bargaining during the pandemic. The government does not recognize the scale of the needs, still refuses to commit to rebuilding public services, and continues to push ahead with offers that are woefully inadequate. The government stubbornly refuses to give its spokespeople mandates so that they can truly negotiate with us to implement solutions that would change, in a sustainable way, the face of public services.

We can no longer allow for band-aid solutions or temporary measures when we are seeing such serious deficiencies. With the pandemic, the pitiful state of our networks, which we have spoken out against for a long time now, has been on full display. After over two and a half years in power, the CAQ government must take responsibility. Its current inaction has allowed the situation to deteriorate even further on the ground, both for all of us, at the end of our ropes, and for the entire population.

The clear message that we are sending to the government with this strong mandate adopted by CSN public-sector workers is that if it does not act now, we will collectively take measures needed to rebuild public services in the short term.

If Mr. Legault thinks he can wear us down, he’s wrong. Let’s show him this by participating in large numbers in local, regional, and Quebec-wide mobilization efforts, which will take place over the coming weeks.