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No 12
The CSN Counter-Proposal
Demands That Are More Relevant Than Ever Before
August 28, 2020

On this page, you will find a long and detailed version of the CSN counter-proposal. You can also find the french long version here. The short versions (both french and english) are available for download.

The Government Must Provide Us With the Means to Meet the Needs of the Population

On October 30, 2019, we submitted our bargaining proposals for the renewal of our collective agreements to the Conseil du trésor—proposals that were based on the needs of all public-sector workers. A few months later, the health crisis hit us hard and brought to light the urgent need to rebuild public services in order for them to have a more human touch, both for those of us working in the institutions and for the people of Quebec.

In our various areas of activity, the past few months have not been easy for anyone, even if they may have been experienced very differently. However, one thing is for certain for all CSN members in the public sector: our working conditions and wages need to improve immediately. The future of public services depends on it.

For this reason, after participating in over 30 bargaining sessions, the CSN, after having consulted over the past few weeks with delegates from all unions in the four public-sector federations at meetings of the federations’ bodies, submitted a counter-proposal to the Conseil du trésor this morning.

Demands That Are More Relevant Than Ever Before

We know better than anyone that public services were in crisis well before the start of the pandemic. After years of massive cutbacks and austerity measures, wages and working conditions have deteriorated to a point where it has become extremely difficult to recruit new people to come to work in our institutions.

The current health crisis has exacerbated the situation, and shortages are now seen for all categories of workers in education, health and social services, and government agencies. By calling for wage increases that have a particular focus on those who earn the least and significant investments to improve working conditions for staff in the networks, our counter-proposal has a very specific aim: to resolve pressing issues related to attraction and retention in the public sector as a whole.



3 years


  • April 1, 2020: $2/hour for everyone.
  • April 1, 2021: the better of $0.75/hour or 2.2%.​
  • April 1, 2022: the better of $0.75/hour or 2.2%.

A mechanism for protecting purchasing power.

*The CSN is also demanding wage adjustments for part-time CEGEP instructors in the continuing education sector and for aeronautics instructors at Cégep de Chicoutimi, as well as that the consistency between the salary range for CEGEP teachers and that for elementary and high school teachers be maintained.

Working Conditions and Practices

Obtain major investments that allow for identifying significant financial margins and mandates, in order to agree on solutions negotiated at sectoral tables that would improve working and practice conditions for workers.

Premiums, Lump Sum Amounts, and Budgets Ending on March 30, 2020

Renew, in the next collective agreement, the premium for psychologists and the lump sums paid to employees working with individuals presenting serious behavioural disorders, working in residential and long-term care centres, or working in institutions in the Far North, as well as certain budgets.

Attraction and Retention Premium for Skilled Workers

Extend the premium, expand its scope to certain job titles, and improve how it is applied.

Pension Plan (RREGOP)

With the aim of maintaining the quality of retirement provided by the RREGOP and to protect its positive financial situation, form a working committee with a mandate of assessing the implementation of measures aimed at stabilizing the contribution rate for plan members.

Obtain a commitment from the Quebec government to demand that the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) proceed with a gradual, organized, consistent fossil fuel divestment from the RREGOP by 2023.

Parental Rights

Correct the article on parental rights and, for consistency, any other clauses in the collective agreement, to eliminate all prejudicial or discriminatory effects for parents.

Ensure that, in all cases of regular adoption, adoption under the Banque mixte (Mixed Bank) program, and customary adoption, workers are eligible for leave on or before the date the child joins the family.

Form a working committee with the following mandates:

  • To ensure that the article on parental rights and all other clauses of the collective agreement are written in an inclusive manner.
  • To assess whether the formula for calculating the additional allowance paid during maternity leave allows for a replacement equivalent to the base salary minus contributions to government plans and the RREGOP, and to identify solutions, as needed.

Group Insurance

Come to an agreement about financial margins that would allow for significantly increasing annual employer contributions to group insurance plans.

Recognition of Experience

Fully recognize the experience of all workers following the implementation of the new salary structure.


Introduce clauses into collective agreements that guarantee public service workers the right to denounce problematic situations.

Other Demands

The CSN is also having ongoing discussions with the Conseil du trésor on a number of other subjects, in accordance with the mandates of all of the federations and the consensuses reached by their bargaining committees, which work together on the Comité de coordination des secteurs public et parapublic (CCSPP).