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FNEEQ-CSN – Info-Négo #13

Update on the Agreement in Principle


An agreement in June

On June 22nd, your bargaining and mobilization committee reached an agreement in principle with the employer after an intense round of talks lasting several days. Some aspects of the written agreement had been in dispute up until that point but were settled verbally in the interim. The updated text of the agreement was submitted to us in the weeks that followed. We proceeded to verify that it was consistent with what had been agreed.


When scrutinizing the text we received in August, we found discrepancies with respect to the agreement struck in the early morning on June 22nd. We quickly denounced this situation in an effort to set the record straight, and we demanded that the employer submit a text faithful to our agreement.

Despite discussions and interventions at multiple levels, our counterparts remain firm. Once again, we find ourselves having to denounce the situation and their intransigence. A solution must be found to resolve the impasse abetted by the employer’s attitude.

Breaking the impasse

To this end, the FNEEQ has taken the initiative of filing a request for conciliation with the Tribunal administratif du travail. We hope that the current lack of cooperation will be superseded by meaningful dialogue, and we believe that conciliation may help get us there.

Nevertheless, the situation remains concerning: we are troubled by the employer’s curious behaviour concerning the conformity of the written agreement. We note that the request for conciliation already seems to have generated some movement and that we are maintaining political pressure. We are carefully monitoring the situation and are steadfast in our desire to reach a resolution respecting the agreement in principle.

Your bargaining and mobilization committee


About conciliation (source: Tribunal administratif du travail [Our translation])

Conciliation is an amicable settlement process that allows parties to resolve their dispute by means of a solution negotiated between them with the help of a conciliator. Conciliation is aimed at settling a case to the satisfaction of those involved. It provides them with an opportunity to better understand the issues related to the dispute.

Conciliators are neutral, impartial professionals. Their role is to facilitate exchange between the parties so that they can find common ground.


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